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516 River Road. New Milford, NJ 07646

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We have "Tons of Fun" Birthday Parties!

For a great birthday have your next party at our studio.

We’ll dance, we’ll tumble, we’ll use the
balance beams and trampoline and we’ll have FUN!!

When are parties held?
Sundays or weekdays when
regularly scheduled classes are not in session.

How long are the parties?
1 ½ hours:
1 hour instructed dance, tumbling and activities
1/2 hour for pizza & cupcake
(We provide a slice of pizza, juice box and cupcake for each child.)
We also provide the paper supplies and party hostess.

Up to 8 children $280
$20.00 each additional child
(Kosher $320/$21 each add.)

What should children wear?
Children should wear leotards, sweats, shorts or leggings;
they must have socks or dance slippers on their feet.

Birthday Parties

A $50.00 deposit must be given at the time of booking party.
Balance is paid the day of the party.

Call (201) 967-2928 or email